Ledges Sporting Horses is a large show facility holding both inside and outside shows year round. With 275 permanent stalls and the ability to add many more in the the indoor for summer shows, they needed many cameras to cover the area. 

Outside cameras were needed to cover the parking and driveways, and they also needed to view the cameras from remote locations. The result is a system with 3 types of cameras. The inside cameras are wide angle, low light dome cameras (marked with light yellow triangles), the outside cameras have a longer focal length for distance, are Infrared (night vision) and have heaters and blowers for continuous operation. There is also one night vision camera located inside for the show office.

This system utilizes 2 DVRs (digital video recorders) and remote power supplies. In this project the customer pulled the wire (supplied by us) and Berler and Equestrain Technologies did the rest of the install including:

Ledges Sporting Horses Surveillance (with Remote Access)

Click the remote buttons above to see the live cameras! You may need to adjust your internet explorer settings. Please call if you would like assistance. 847-740-9075/lisa@equestriantech.com Or, if you would like to see the camera placement map.